Remodeling & Addition Aspen Homes North West

The question that homeowners most frequently ask when remodeling a home is how much return they will receive on their investment. This is a good question considering that your home is probably the largest financial investment you'll ever make.

The answer isn't simple, but Aspen Homes NW has the ability to help. Having built homes for over twenty years, our team of professional is trained to help clients determine what makes the most financial sense when remodeling a home. To start, we recommend asking the following questions:

  1. Is the value of your home modest, average, or above average?
  2. What is the style of house in your neighborhood?
  3. What is the age of your house?
  4. What is the market like?
  5. What is the ratio of home value to renovation cost?

Usually the smaller the ratio the higher the chance of recouping your money. We always recommend hiring an accredited professional to complete your remodeling and construction projects. Mercer Island Luxury Builder, Seattle Luxury Builder, Bellveue Expereienced BuilderThis will enable you to avoid the costly consequences of doing it yourself or working with an unlicensed contractor. The rule of thumb is that doing it yourself or using discounted services often doesn't save you money--and can cost you more money in the long run in subsequent repairs. It's also important to gain input to determine which renovations bring you the most return for your money. And most importantly, always have a detailed plan that estimates the total cost of your project, before you start.

Sometimes remodeling or adding onto an existing home is the best solution for changing lifestyles.Mercer Island Luxury Builder, Seattle Luxury Builder, Bellveue Expereienced Builder At Aspen Homes NW, we recommend that renovating / remodeling your current home can be as involved and extensive as building a new home. Like any project that we take on, we offer full architectural and design services, We can also assist with updating safety codes and electronics so that your home is more livable. Whether your remodeling project is small or large, Aspen Homes NW is committed to completing the job to your full satisfaction.